Unity in Healing: Kogi Deputy Gov. Others Visit Victims and Heroes of Anyigba Robbery

by Ohepo Ohepo

In a show of solidarity and concern, Kogi State Deputy Governor, His Excellency Joel Salifu Oyibo, alongside key state and local government officials, made a significant visit to the site of a harrowing bank robbery incident in Anyigba. The robbery, which occurred yesterday, saw armed assailants targeting First Bank and Access Bank, leaving a trail of violence in their wake.

Accompanying the Deputy Governor were notable figures including the APC Zonal Chairman for Kogi State, Muhammed Nasiru Alfa, Dekina LGA Administrator, Hon. John Urah, and Ofu LGA Administrator, Hon. Muhammed Lawal Musa. Their presence underscored the state leadership’s commitment to addressing the aftermath of the robbery and supporting the affected community.

The delegation’s visit to the banks provided them with firsthand insight into the severity of the attack and its impact on the local populace. This move is seen as part of the state’s efforts to assess the situation comprehensively and formulate appropriate responses to such security challenges.

Furthermore, the state officials extended their visit to wounded soldiers, offering them words of comfort and assurances of support. The soldiers, who were injured in the line of duty while responding to the robbery, represent the bravery and sacrifices of those who protect the citizens and their properties.

The visit also included heartfelt interactions with the families of individuals who tragically lost their lives during the robbery. The Deputy Governor and his entourage expressed their deepest condolences, affirming the government’s commitment to providing necessary assistance during this difficult time.

This incident has not only shaken the community of Anyigba but also drawn attention to the pressing need for enhanced security measures to prevent future occurrences. The Kogi State government’s proactive engagement with the affected areas reflects a determined stance against criminal activities and a resolve to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens.

As the community begins the process of healing and rebuilding, the support from state leadership is a crucial step toward restoring confidence and peace in Anyigba. The Kogi State government is expected to continue working closely with security agencies to strengthen safety protocols and ensure that justice is served for the victims of this devastating event.

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