MD/CEO, Federal Housing Authority Hon Oyetunde Ojo Visits Benue

by Ohepo Ohepo

Hon. Oyetunde Ojo, the CEO and Managing Director of the Federal Housing Authority, travels to Benue.

As Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Alia, the state governor, promises FHA land and financial support.

On Saturday, March 23, 2024, the Managing Director and Chief Executive of the Federal Housing Authority, Hon. Oyetunde Oladimeji Ojo, continued his tour and consultation with State Governors by paying a visit to His Excellency Rev Fr Hyacinth Alia, the Executive Governor of Benue State.

Speaking to the governor, Hon. Ojo explained that, in addition to being there as a courtesy, he had come mainly to deliver President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s (GCFR) message on “Rekindled Hope on Housing,” which the FHA team had brought to the governors of seven states.

The Chief Executive of FHA thanked Governor Alia for his team’s kind reception and the evident progress made in Benue State. He also informed the governor that the Authority’s goal is to construct the highest-ranking houses on the welfare index, and that in accordance with the President’s directive to FHA to address the nation’s housing shortage by constructing not only livable but also reasonably priced homes for Nigerians, he has come to request land.

As stated by the MD”Mr. President had assigned us the task of addressing the housing shortage by building homes. We therefore require land.” Hon. Ojo continued by telling the governor, “You have the red biro.” I know you will grant us waivers, just like the other governors we have met, because you are a brother and a friend.”

Reminiscent of the message he delivered to the other governors the MD and his team visited, the FHA director informed the governor that the Authority no longer builds homes without first engaging the state governments whose citizens the homes are intended for, due to a new policy of FHA administration.

He pointed out that the various state administrations are aware of the cultural norms and preferences of the populace.

We wish to include you in the construction of the dwellings because you are familiar with the locals and their customs. To ensure that the houses satisfy the needs of the people, we need to work together and in cooperation with you,” he continued.

In order to stimulate the economy and combat inflation, Hon. Ojo also advocated for leveraging the housing and construction value chains. The CEO of FHA stated that a wide range of direct and indirect jobs can be found in the housing industry.

According to the MD, FHA shows consideration for Nigerians who are struggling financially.He claims that for this reason, the Authority has chosen home designs and styles that will suit their needs.

He stated, “We want to build affordable houses, not just houses.” For this reason, we have created one-bedroom apartments, studios, and carcasses while taking into account individuals who are in the lower salary range, such as junior employees and the younger ones.”

According to Hon. Ojo, the purpose of the carcas is to have the same plumbing, electrical, and exterior finishing; however, the finishing would vary depending on the size of the pockets. He said that this would significantly lower the cost of the homes.

The Managing Director mentioned that FHA is renowned for building towns with standard infrastructure, and that all contemporary facilities are now in discussions with organizations such as JAMB, WAEC, and the CGS office to identify off-takers that fit a specific profile and feel a feeling of ownership over the project.

The governor was notified by the MD that FHA is planning a Diaspora City project to help our citizens who are living overseas. He claimed that by doing this, they would be protected against con artists who undervalue them and fail to construct the kind of homes for which they send money. He mentioned that Diasporians would be able to deal with FHA and keep track of their investments with the Authority from anywhere in the world thanks to the Authority’s present digitalization.

Finally, Hon. Ojo thanked the governor for working cooperatively and synergistically with FHA to launch the process of providing affordable housing in the state and reaffirmed President Bola Tinubu’s (GCFR) nonpartisan mandate to FHA to build homes for Nigerians regardless of their political affiliation, leaning, or inclination.

In his reply. Governor Alia commended the FHA team for taking Benue State into consideration for housing cooperation. He made the point that by engaging in extensive construction, the Authority’s program is in line with what the State Government is now undertaking.

He declared that the state is prepared to assist the project and will grant the Federal Housing Authority any land it desires within the state.

In his words: “The answer to the land question is yes.” Simply let us know how much land you’d want. We are prepared to assist with the project as well. It might have financial implications.

The governor stated that since the state is in need of homes, they are thrilled about the possibility of working with FHA to deliver housing.We are happy since we all require homes. The plan will complement the many feathers we currently wear with color.” He said.

Governor Alia said that the FHA’s presence will enhance the new Benue he is constructing before going on to list the commendable achievements of his government.

Your arrival will provide color to the new Benue that we all long for; the advancement you bring to the state is immeasurable. He came to an end.

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