Hon. John Urah Strongly Condemns Recent Robbery Attacks and Loss of Lives in Anyigba

by Ohepo Ohepo

In the aftermath of the harrowing robbery incidents that struck First Bank and Access Bank in Anyigba, Hon. John Urah, the Administrator of Dekina Local Government Area, has issued a strong condemnation of the violence that led to the loss of innocent civilians, military personnel, and security guards. The attacks, which have left the community in shock and mourning, prompted an immediate response from local and state officials.

Hon. Urah, expressing his deep sorrow and outrage over the events, stated, “This heinous act against our peaceful community and the brave individuals defending it is utterly unacceptable. The loss of innocent lives, including those of our dedicated military personnel and security guards who stood against the assailants, is a tragedy that weighs heavily on our hearts.”

The Local Government Administrator’s statement highlighted the bravery of those who confronted the robbers and recognized the profound impact of their sacrifice on the safety and security of Anyigba. “These individuals are heroes who displayed extraordinary courage in the face of danger. Their ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of protecting our community will never be forgotten,” Hon. Urah emphasized.

Hon. Urah also extended his condolences to the families of the victims, assuring them of the government’s support during this difficult time. “To the families mourning the loss of their loved ones, we stand with you in your grief and pledge our unwavering support. The memories of your loved ones inspire us to strengthen our resolve against such senseless acts of violence,” he added.

In his address, Hon. Urah called for unity among the residents of Anyigba and surrounding areas, urging the community to come together in support of one another and to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in their investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice. “Now more than ever, we must unite as a community, support each other, and work hand in hand with the authorities to ensure that justice is served and that we rebuild a safer, more secure Anyigba,” he stated.

The Local Government Administrator’s condemnation of the robbery attacks and his call for justice and unity reflect the broader sentiment of the Kogi State government and its commitment to addressing security challenges and supporting affected communities. As investigations continue, the people of Anyigba look toward healing and recovery, bolstered by the support and solidarity of their leaders and the assurance of concerted efforts to prevent future tragedies.

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