Breaking News: APC Chairman, Adamu Resigns

by J.J Olawuyi

Strong signs that the party’s National Chairman, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, and National Secretary, Senator Iyiola Omisore, are being put under pressure to quit have surfaced ahead of this week’s meeting of the National Caucus and National Executive Committee, NEC, of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Vanguard reports that it was discovered that a list of purported “sins” committed by Adamu against President Bola Tinubu weeks before the latter proclaimed his intention in running for president last year had been circulated by some party leaders.

According to an APC official who is familiar with the party’s inner workings, the NEC meeting on Tuesday is likely to agree a schedule for a midterm election convention to fill party vacancies.

As a result, certain elements within the party are expected to meet with Adamu on Sunday night or early Monday to put pressure on him to quit rather than be shown the door, according to the party leader.

As you are aware, many of the newly elected state governors have not yet completed all of their appointments. Some party officials have nonetheless been assigned to government positions.

It is quite possible that certain national officials or NWC members will be assigned to positions of authority at the national level. After it is finished, there will be openings that the convention will fill. The convention can potentially open a door for Adamu to leave.

Another source told Vanguard that Omisore would also be removed as part of the effort to remove Adamu because some resentful NWC members have long accused him of leading the party alone with Adamu.

An official from the party stated that one of the arguments against Adamu would be the contentious audit report of the party.

According to our party’s constitution, only the NEC of the party may name an outside auditor to audit the party’s books, but Adamu decided to hire his own auditor instead of going via the NEC after being required to provide financial accounts. After that, he gave the NWC the report of his auditors for approval. The gathering is audited. Adamu ought to have simply let him carry out his duties and deliver his report to the NWC. After then, the NWC will review the National Auditor’s report, consider it, and send it to the NEC, which has the authority to choose an outside auditor to review our financial records. However, this has not happened.

The party’s national publicity secretary, Mr. Felix Morka, did not react to messages seeking his confirmation of the allegation and remained silent overall.


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