I Will Breathe New Life Into Ajaokuta Steel Company Immediately I Assume Office – Admiral Jibrin

by J.J Olawuyi

Admiral Usman Jibrin Vows to Breathe New Life into Ajaokuta Steel Company Upon Assuming Kogi State Governorship

Adogo, Ajaokuta LGA – October 9, 2023

In a resounding declaration of commitment to the economic revitalization of Ajaokuta and the broader Kogi State, Admiral Usman Jibrin, the Accord Party’s gubernatorial candidate, made a bold promise during his campaign stop at Adogo, the Ajaokuta Local Government Area headquarters.

Jibrin’s pledge is clear and unequivocal: immediate action to revitalize the Ajaokuta Steel Company upon assuming the governorship. He asserted that under his leadership, the Ajaokuta Steel Company would no longer languish in dormancy but would experience a renaissance.

“I will not leave the Ajaokuta Steel Company moribund,” Admiral Jibrin declared to an eager and hopeful crowd. “I am committed to its revival, and we will begin the process the moment I step into office. We won’t wait; we will start at one percent production capacity and tirelessly work towards its full revitalization until we achieve 100 percent productivity.”

This announcement has brought renewed optimism to the people of Ajaokuta, who have long awaited the resurgence of their once-thriving steel industry. The Ajaokuta Steel Company, once a symbol of economic vitality in the region, has faced numerous setbacks and challenges in recent years, leading to its stagnation.

Admiral Jibrin’s promise to take immediate action and incrementally work towards restoring the steel company’s productivity has resonated deeply with the local population. The revival of Ajaokuta Steel Company holds the promise of not only revitalizing the local economy but also generating numerous employment opportunities for the people of Kogi State.

As the campaign trail continues, Admiral Usman Jibrin’s commitment to breathing new life into Ajaokuta Steel Company remains at the forefront of his agenda. The residents of Kogi State eagerly await the opportunity to witness this transformation and the positive impact it is expected to have on the region’s economic landscape.

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