[Video] Only In Madonna University That Girls Graduate As Virgins – Founder

by Ohepo Ohepo

The founder of Madonna University in Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Emmanual Edeh, has boasted that because of the high moral standard instilled in them, women who enter the university as virgins likewise graduate as virgins.

Edeh, a professor, stated in a video released by Channels Television on Wednesday that Madonna University is well-known in the academic community for its morality and discipline.

With a plethora of praise for the university, Edeh stated that many people from other countries travel to Madonna University just to find virgins for marriage.

“It is only explicitly maintained at this university that ladies who enrolled as virgins will leave as virgins. He declared, “You can come to our university as virgins and leave as virgins.”

Tell me of another university anywhere in the world that is able to keep up with this. For this reason, when you meet people from London, America, England, or Germany, they will tell you, “Pastor, we want to marry a virgin girl.” And until students attend Madonna University, they usually don’t understand that.

Speaking about the strict morality and discipline that the school upholds, Edeh added that professors who don’t reach the required 100% attendance are disciplined and students who don’t meet the attendance requirement of 85% aren’t allowed to take exams.

In addition, he stated that the school does not discriminate in its admissions process and that all of its students reside on campus because living off campus would make surveillance more difficult.

Despite this, our student body is diverse, spanning social and religious backgrounds. Thus, we are all-giving and prejudice-free.We adhere to our Catholic practices. Madonna University is distinct in that it upholds strict discipline and moral principles. Madonna is renowned in academia for her strong morals and self-control, according to Edeh.

“For this reason, any student who does not meet the attendance requirement of 85% in any course will not be permitted to take the test. Additionally, lecturers who miss more than 100% of their scheduled classes will be disciplined.

Additionally, we enforce our students’ 100% residence policy, which prohibits them from moving into hotels or other places and then starting classes.

“With all levels of management getting to know the students better, for more appropriate guidance, our 100% boarding system on the university campus enhances effective monitoring, guidance, and counseling.”

The Catholic priest said that the school is free of all social vices, including cultism, molestation, and test malpractice.

At Madonna University, there is no place for covert cults, abuse, dishonest exam practices, bullying, or tolerance for heavy narcotics. “There will be no room for sexual immorality,” he continued.

Three campuses of Madonna University—Okija, Anambra State; Elele, Rivers State; and Akpugo, Enugu State—were established when the university was created in 1999.

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