JAMB Releases Additional Batch of 36,540 UTME Results

by Ohepo Ohepo

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) recently released an additional 36,540 results from the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) that had been held back for further investigation, bringing the total number of results released so far to 1,879,437.

Amid this update, JAMB addressed a fraudulent claim circulating in a viral letter, suggesting a cybersecurity breach had compromised the outstanding 2024 UTME results and proposing a rescheduling of the examination. Dr. Fabian Benjamin, the spokesperson for JAMB, categorically refuted these claims in a statement issued from Abuja, labeling the letter as “false, fictitious and concocted by a fraudster.” He elaborated:

“This is far from the truth as the said letter did not emanate from the Board. In fact, a closer look at the letter, which was not signed by any person, lacked every ingredient of a letter from the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board. The letter is, therefore, from those, who wish to destroy the integrity of the Board, by compromising its unassailable operational processes to mislead hapless candidates with the sole aim of extorting them.”

In the statement, JAMB also addressed ongoing scrutiny of results potentially involved in examination malpractices. Dr. Benjamin noted that the Board is carefully reviewing all footage from CCTV cameras placed in all accredited centers to verify the culpability of candidates before finalizing the release of results.

Additionally, JAMB responded to comments concerning the low ‘cut-off marks’ used by some private institutions for admissions, clarifying that such marks are proposed by the institutions themselves and then debated to establish a benchmark at JAMB’s annual Policy Meeting on Admissions. The Board emphasized:

“For the purpose of clarity, minimum admissible scores are first presented by individual institutions before such are debated to arrive at a benchmark agreed upon by all Heads of Institutions across the country at its annual Policy Meeting on Admissions and which no institution would be allowed to compromise.”

JAMB also expressed concern over misleading comments from some private institutions and religious organizations, urging these entities to avoid misrepresentations and stick to their primary roles, as false information can affect the public perception and operations of the Board.

Through these statements, JAMB reaffirms its commitment to maintaining the integrity of the examination process and ensuring that all stakeholders adhere to transparent and fair admission practices.

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