Fuel Scarcity: Young Man Shot Dead Over Argument At Petrol Station In Lagos

by Ohepo Ohepo

A devastating event unfolded at a Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited petrol station in Obalende, Ikoyi area of Lagos State, where Toheeb Eniafe was fatally shot amid a confrontation over queue-jumping. The incident occurred late Wednesday evening, sending shockwaves through the local community and sparking widespread fear.

Residents reported that Eniafe was waiting in line to purchase fuel when two individuals, believed to be military officers and wearing Department of State Services (DSS) branded polo shirts, attempted to bypass the queue. This led to a heated exchange and physical confrontation, which tragically ended when one of the officers discharged a firearm, striking Eniafe.

Eyewitnesses, including Amos Ayo, claimed the officers were from the DSS. Ayo recounted, “That is what they always do. It was not Toheeb’s turn yet but he confronted them, asking them to join the queue or be polite about the way they went about the purchase. One of them was so impatient. He slapped Toheeb and he retaliated with more words. Before we could know it, we heard gunshots and Toheeb fell to the ground.”

The violence did not end with the shooting. In the ensuing chaos, two vehicles were set ablaze by the angered crowd, contributing to a tense atmosphere that led to the temporary closure of the station. Witnesses report that despite efforts to apprehend the shooters, they managed to escape, with one reportedly firing shots into the air to disperse the crowd.

Local resident, who referred to himself as Capo, highlighted the tight-knit nature of the Obalende community and the impact of the incident on Eniafe’s family, stating, “Everybody knows everybody. Toheeb stays in the Dolphin Estate area. He is a Muslim. He is supposed to be buried today but his body has been taken by the police to the morgue for investigation and possibly autopsy.”

The Lagos State Police, through SP Benjamin Hundeyin, confirmed the shooting and subsequent fatality. “I can confirm that somebody was shot dead. I can confirm that the body has been deposited in the morgue. Two vehicles were burnt. The identity of the shooter is still unknown but investigations are ongoing to unravel that,” Hundeyin stated.

DSS spokesman Peter Afunnaya denied any involvement of DSS officers in the incident. “It is not true (that a DSS officer shot Toheeb). Kindly deepen your investigations to uncover the truth. No single DSS staff was involved in the matter,” Afunnaya texted.

This incident highlights the ongoing issues around fuel scarcity in Nigeria, which has led to increased tensions and disorder at petrol stations across the country. The local community and Eniafe’s family are calling for a thorough investigation and accountability for those responsible for his death.

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