Terrorism: ISIS Claims Responsibility For Russia Hall Bomb Attack [Photos]

by Ohepo Ohepo

ISIS has taken credit for the attack on Friday that occurred at a sizable music venue in the Moscow region and resulted in at least 40 fatalities and close to 150 injuries.

Gunmen dressed in battle gear broke into Crocus City Hall, where people were gathered to see the Russian band Picnic, and started shooting.

According to Russian media, the gunmen also hurled explosives inside the music hall during the assault, setting the structure on fire.

Russian media reported that while most people were being evacuated, others were still stuck inside the flaming structure.

Servicemen from the Russian Rosguardia (National Guard) reacting to the attack site.

The assertion was made by the Islamic State on social media platforms with which it is linked, but Fox News Digital has not been able to independently corroborate it.

Russian officials stated that the incident was being looked at as a potential terrorist act before ISIS took credit for it.

According to Russian media, gunmen fired shots inside the structure before dropping explosives, which caused it to catch fire.

According to the Russian Investigative Committee, a criminal investigation into the attack has begun.

All mass and entertainment events in the area for the next few days have been canceled by the Russian Culture Ministry.

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