Edo 2024: Ex Commissioner Exits APC, Says I Can’t Stand Corruption

by Ohepo Ohepo

Andrew Emwanta, previously serving as the Commissioner for Communication and Orientation in Edo State, has announced his departure from the All Progressives Congress (APC).

His decision comes in the wake of the contentious governorship primaries held on Saturday, which controversially produced three different winners. Governor Hope Uzodimma, chairing the Electoral Committee of the primary, recognized Dennis Idahosa as the victor, while Stanley Ugboaja, acting as the returning officer, named Monday Okpebholo the winner. Additionally, Ojo Babatunde, claiming to represent the returning officers across all local governments, declared Anamero Dekeri as the election’s winner.

In a resignation letter addressed to the Ward Chairman of Ward 7, Egor Local Government Area, and shared with the media on Monday, Emwanta expressed his disillusionment with the APC, citing the flawed governorship primary process as a primary reason for his exit. He pointed out the party’s apparent lack of internal democracy as undermining his confidence in its leadership and political principles.

Emwanta highlighted his recent affiliation with the APC and described his resignation as a difficult but necessary step to maintain his political integrity and freedom of association, as guaranteed by the Nigerian Constitution.

He criticized the party for a culture that, in his view, stifles individual convictions in favor of party loyalty, a stance he previously contested within the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Looking ahead, Emwanta expressed his desire to engage in politics as an independent entity, supporting candidates based on their merits, integrity, and alignment with his personal values. He requested the removal of his name from the APC’s ward register as he embarks on this new chapter, emphasizing his commitment to his philosophical, social, and political ideals.

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