Wofai Fada’s Marriage Rejected by In-Laws, Public Statement Issued

by Ohepo Ohepo

The family of Taiwo Cole has issued a public statement rejecting the purported marriage of their son to Nollywood actress and comedian, Wofai Fada. The Cole Family from Victoria Island, Lagos, strongly refuted claims of the marriage through a statement released by Engineer Kunle Cole.

The statement reads:

“Images and videos come to our attention showing our son Taiwo getting married to a Wofai Ewa in a traditional ceremony in Ugep, Cross River State. This serves to notify all acquaintances, family, and friends that the Cole family of Victoria Island Lagos are not aware of any marriage ceremony of our Son Taiwo Olakitan Cole, neither did we grant permission nor support in this regard. As such, person(s) parading themselves as new members of the Cole heritage by virtue of this purported event, are not known nor accepted by the family. All publications and documents being circulated about this are to be disregarded.”

The disclaimer was prompted by circulating images and videos that depicted Wofai Fada and Taiwo Cole in traditional wedding attire, allegedly celebrating their union in Ugep, Cross River State. Further complicating the situation, rumors have surfaced alleging that Wofai Fada is pregnant.

Before this public disavowal, Wofai Fada had shared captivating pre-wedding photos on her official Instagram page, which featured her prominently displaying her engagement ring. The actress captioned the images with hints of an upcoming wedding in 2024, although no specific date was provided.

This public rejection by the Cole family highlights potential disputes and the complex dynamics often involved in celebrity relationships, especially when intertwined with familial expectations and social perceptions. The unfolding drama continues to attract public and media scrutiny as both parties navigate this challenging situation.

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