Actress Halima Abubakar Reveals Struggle with Mysterious Illness (Video)

by Ohepo Ohepo

Nigerian actress Halima Abubakar has revealed her struggle with a mysterious illness, sharing her ordeal with fans and followers on Instagram. In an emotional video, Halima detailed her experience, expressing gratitude to those who have stood by her.

“What I’ve been through, only me, I, myself, can say it,” she began. “I just want to use this opportunity to thank all those people who have been there for me, those ones that didn’t run or reject me, those that didn’t criticize or judge me, because it can be anybody.”

Halima’s video was a mix of raw emotion and resilience. She showed her face, visibly affected by the illness, and spoke about the severity of her condition. “My face is actually worse than this. I just used a filter,” she said. “But I’m not here for a pity party. I’m just here to say God is good, God has saved me.”

She broke down in tears as she thanked those who had shown her concern and support. “I do not wish this for anybody,” she concluded, highlighting the gravity of her situation.

In the caption accompanying the video, Halima wrote, “Good morning everyone following me, so I made a video for you all but the reel is filled up. So if I don’t know your names, it wasn’t intentional. God bless you all and enlarge your coast. You won’t lose anyone in your family. I don’t have the strength to mention everyone. May Heaven bless you my wonderful co-stars and fans. This video is for you all.”

The actress’s candid revelation has drawn a wave of support from fans and fellow celebrities, who have flooded her comments section with messages of love, encouragement, and prayers for her recovery.


"I do not wish this on anybody" Halima Abubakar tearfully reveals battle with mysterious illness that has ravaged her face (video)

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