Video: Admiral Usman Jibrin Endorsed as Consensus Candidate by Kogi East Critical Stakeholders for November 11th Governorship Election

The highly esteemed Admiral receives widespread support from key stakeholders in Kogi East, positioning him as the favoured candidate for the upcoming gubernatorial race.

by J.J Olawuyi

Date: June 11th, 2023

Kogi East, Nigeria – In a significant development for the forthcoming Kogi State Governorship election scheduled for November 11th, Admiral Usman Jibrin has emerged as the consensus candidate of choice, following an endorsement by the Kogi East Critical Stakeholders. The announcement has sent ripples through the political landscape, as the influential group’s backing solidifies Admiral Jibrin’s position as a formidable contender for the coveted governorship seat.

The endorsement, which comes after weeks of consultations and deliberations by the Kogi East Critical Stakeholders, represents a unifying moment for the region’s political elite. Admiral Jibrin’s impeccable credentials, remarkable achievements, and dedication to public service have earned him the trust and confidence of this influential coalition.

Admiral Usman Jibrin, a retired senior naval officer, brings with him a wealth of leadership experience and a proven track record of exemplary service to the nation. His extensive knowledge of governance and strategic decision-making, honed through years of military service, has resonated strongly with stakeholders who view him as a leader capable of effecting positive change.

Speaking on behalf of the Kogi East Critical Stakeholders, Senator Yahaya Nicolas Ugbane, a prominent member of the group, stated, “After careful consideration and thorough evaluation, Admiral Usman Jibrin has been endorsed as our consensus candidate for the upcoming Governorship election. We firmly believe that his sterling qualities, unwavering commitment, and exceptional leadership skills make him the most deserving candidate to lead Kogi State.”

The endorsement of Admiral Jibrin has brought together various factions within the Kogi East Critical Stakeholders, fostering unity and solidarity among the region’s influential figures. By throwing their weight behind Admiral Jibrin, the group hopes to galvanize widespread support and secure victory in the upcoming election.

Admiral Usman Jibrin, in response to the endorsement, expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support and vowed to work tirelessly to address the challenges facing Kogi State. “I am humbled and honoured to receive this endorsement from the Kogi East Critical Stakeholders. If elected, I will dedicate myself to the betterment of our state, focusing on infrastructure development, healthcare, education, and youth empowerment,” he affirmed.

The endorsement of Admiral Jibrin by the Kogi East Critical Stakeholders marks a significant turning point in the race for the Kogi State Governorship. With the backing of this influential group, Admiral Jibrin now stands as the favoured candidate, enjoying a surge of momentum as the election campaign gains momentum.

As the November 11th Governorship election approaches, the support of the Kogi East Critical Stakeholders will undoubtedly prove instrumental in shaping the political landscape of Kogi State. All eyes will now be on Admiral Usman Jibrin as he continues to build on this newfound support and articulate his vision for a prosperous and progressive Kogi State.


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