Press Release: Kogi East Critical Stakeholders Issue Warning to Mr. Gabriel Adukwu

by J.J Olawuyi


Kogi East Critical Stakeholders Issue Warning to Mr. Gabriel Adukwu

Abuja, 11th June, 2023 -We, the undersigned critical stakeholders of Kogi East, hereby issue this press statement to caution Mr. Gabriel Adukwu against his misleading actions and misuse of the esteemed title of our overall Royal Father, the Attah Igala. Mr. Adukwu has been falsely parading himself as the leader of a decommissioned committee and engaging in extortion by falsely endorsing out-of-place aspirants as the consensus candidate for Kogi East.

As responsible members of the Kogi East community, we are deeply concerned about the integrity of our political processes and the well-being of our people. It has come to our attention that Mr. Gabriel Adukwu has been exploiting his self-proclaimed position to  promote candidates who do not truly represent the interests and aspirations of the people of Kogi East.

We would like to categorically state that the committee Mr. Gabriel Adukwu claims to lead has been disbanded and is no longer authorized to carry out any activities or make decisions on behalf of the Kogi East community. Therefore, any representation or endorsement made by Mr. Adukwu is illegitimate, baseless, and should be disregarded.

Furthermore, we wish to clarify that the use of the name of our highly revered Attah Igala, who is the custodian of our culture and traditions, for personal gain or ulterior motives is wholly unacceptable. Mr. Gabriel Adukwu’s actions not only disrespect the Attah Igala but also undermine the unity and harmony of our community.

We call upon Mr. Gabriel Adukwu to immediately desist from his unlawful activities, cease all attempts and to refrain from misrepresenting himself as a leader or spokesperson for Kogi East. We also urge the general public to exercise caution and not be swayed by any endorsements or claims made by Mr. Adukwu, as they hold no credibility.

In conclusion, we reaffirm our commitment to upholding the principles of fairness, transparency, and accountability in the political affairs of Kogi East. We will not tolerate any individual or group attempting to undermine the democratic process or exploit our people for personal gain. The true consensus candidate for Kogi East who emerge through a legitimate and inclusive process that considers the genuine aspirations and interests of the people is Admiral Jibrin Usman.

We firmly believe that his sterling qualities, unwavering commitment, and exceptional leadership skills make him the most deserving candidate to lead Kogi State.

Admiral Usman Jibrin, a retired senior naval officer, brings with him a wealth of leadership experience and a proven track record of exemplary service to the nation. His extensive knowledge of governance and strategic decision-making, honed through years of military service, has resonated strongly with stakeholders who view him as a leader capable of effecting positive change.


Kogi East Critical Stakeholders

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