Terrorists Abduct 280 Students in Kaduna Yesterday, Kills One

by Ohepo Ohepo

Sani Abdullahi, a teacher at Government Secondary School Kuriga in Chikun LGA, Kaduna state, revealed that approximately 280 students, including instructors, were kidnapped by bandits who broke into the community’s secondary and primary schools, killing one person.

The nearby schools were reportedly raided by the bandits on Thursday at around eight in the morning.

When Kaduna state governor Senator Uba Sani and other government representatives visited the area on Thursday evening, the instructor provided the complete figure.

According to Abdullahi, 187 students and 125 kids went missing while a member of the Kaduna state Vigilante Service (KADVS) was slain by the bandits.
But he also said that 25 elementary school students eventually made their way out and went back home.

There are currently 187 missing pupils at GSS Kuriga. Initially, 125 students were absent from the elementary school; however, 25 of them managed to escape and went back home, as Abdullahi informed the governor.

He described the incident and indicated that he returned to work by 7:47 a.m., going into the Acting Principal’s office to sign the staff register.
“The Acting Principal asked me to look behind me, and when I turned, we found that bandits had surrounded the school premises,” the man stated.We got disoriented and unsure of our next steps. The criminals then told us to go into the bush, and since they were numerous, we complied.
I was therefore fortunate to escape with a large group of people as we entered the jungle.I went back to the village and told everyone what had happened.

“Our vigilante and Kaduna Vigilante Service (KADVS) personnel immediately pursued the bandits, but the vigilante was unsuccessful.”We recently buried one of the vigilantes who was killed by the bandits.
“We informed the Village Head upon our return and immediately began our investigation to determine the precise number of students and teachers abducted by the bandits.”

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