Sani Dangote, Notorious Bandit Chief, and Siblings Fall in Zamfara Rivalry Fight

by Ohepo Ohepo

According to reports, a violent rivalry in the state has claimed the life of a bandit chieftain who was active in the Zurmi Local Government Area of Zamfara Sani Dangote.

According to rumours, an infamous Dankarami killed Dangote, his two brothers, and a few of his men in the nearby Dumburum Forest.

A high-ranking member of the local government’s security detail told Channels Television on Monday morning that Dankarami’s rustling of some of Sani Dangote’s cows was the cause of the battle.

The source claimed that multiple bandits were killed in the gunfight, which began on Sunday at around 2:00 pm and continued until roughly 6:00 pm.

Sani Dangote’s cows were rustled by Dankarami. The two robbers’ leaders got into a fight over it, but Dankarami killed Dangote and his two brothers as a result. According to the informant, there was fighting from roughly 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

A fierce battle between two bandit groups in Dajin Haja, a forest between Hayin Alhaji and Munhaye woodland in the Tsafe Local Government Area in Zamfara State, is said to have resulted in the deaths of numerous bandits recently.

The conflict started when a gang of robbers from nearby Katsina State stormed several Zamfara State settlements with roughly 41 motorcycles in an attempt to abduct the locals.

However, the famed bandits’ leader Ado Alero, a local native who runs out of Munhaye Forest, stepped in and stopped the opposing bandits gang from kidnapping the villagers.

People living in Zamfara State want the rival conflict to go on and are pleading with the security services to eliminate the state’s last bandit elements.

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