Prisoner Seizes Warder’s Gun, Kills Vulcaniser In Kwara State

by Ohepo Ohepo

In a startling incident at the Oke-Kura Correctional Centre in Ilorin, a vulcanizer named Abdullah Ayinla was unfortunate enough to be struck by a stray bullet. The mishap unfolded around 8 am as prison inmates were being escorted out of the facility. Ayinla, who found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, was hit in the stomach by the bullet discharged during a scuffle between a prison inmate and a warder.

The inmate involved, identified as Kazeem Adam, had reportedly caused damage to several tricycle and vehicle windscreens in a fit of rage before attempting to wrestle the rifle away from the prison officer. The firearm discharged amid the struggle, resulting in the tragic accident.

Ayinla was quickly transported to a nearby hospital to receive medical attention for his gunshot wound. Meanwhile, Adam was taken into custody and is currently detained at the ‘C’ Division Police Station in Isale-Ojo, within the Ilorin metropolis, as authorities begin their investigation into the alarming event.

Spokesperson of the service, Olumide Adegbulugbe, said:

“One Kazeem Adam of Ita-Ogunbo, Ilorin, armed with knife and stones, smashed keke (tricycle) and vehicle windscreens.

“The said man also smashed and broke a correctional vehicle bus with Reg No A247NC. Trying to arrest the suspect, one Ismail Kabir, who was on guard along with others, was attacked.

“The suspect struggled to snatch his rifle from him and, in the process, stabbed the officer in the head and hand. During the struggle, his rifle accidentally discharged and a bullet hit one Abdullah Ayinla of Isale Oja.”

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