Terrorists Continue Attacks On Zamfara Communities, Kill 49 Persons

by Ohepo Ohepo

In a grim spate of violence, at least 49 individuals have lost their lives over a five-day period due to terrorist activities in Zamfara State, Nigeria. Local residents reported that the attacks targeted five villages within the Anka Local Government Area, causing widespread fear and devastation from Tuesday through Saturday.

The breakdown of the fatalities as reported by the Daily Trust includes 18 deaths in Farar-Kasa village, 22 in Dangulbi, two in Duhuwa, four in Tsatsomawa, and three in Yar Sabaya. Malam Idris Anka, a resident of Anka town, expressed the community’s exasperation with the ongoing violence, stating, “Banditry has become a daily affair in this part of Zamfara state. These people are almost everything in our communities; they are the police, the traditional rulers and the community leaders.”

The bandits, who locals refer to as terrorists, reportedly operate with impunity, imposing levies and abducting residents at will. Another resident recounted a harrowing encounter with two bandits disguised in military uniforms who had set up an illegal checkpoint along the Anka-Bagega road to rob passersby.

The escalating violence has prompted calls for intervention. Mallam Bello Muhammad, a commercial driver, urged the federal and state governments to bolster security in the area. He emphasized that the absence of adequate security presence has facilitated the unchecked rise of banditry.

The Police Public Relations Officer for Zamfara State, ASP Yazid Abubakar, when contacted, said he would seek more details from the Divisional Police Officer of Anka Division but subsequently did not respond to further inquiries.

Amidst these turbulent times, the state government has reportedly rejected a proposed peace pact by the federal government with the bandits, signaling a complex and strained approach to resolving the crisis. The community remains in a state of high tension, hoping for a swift and effective response to restore peace and order.

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