[Pictures] Man Afflicted With Strange Skin Disorder for Sleeping With 5 Married Women

by J.J Olawuyi

Thomas Simani, a 37-year-old man from Mt Hampden, Harare, known for his controversial affairs with married women, now faces a bizarre and alarming situation. A mysterious skin condition has rapidly overtaken his body, leaving him in a state of distress.

Described by onlookers, Simani’s ailment presents as an unusual skin disorder, with a dense layer of sores enveloping his skin. These sores periodically shed, only to reveal an underlying layer of dust that seems to pour from his skin at the slightest contact.

The startling images circulating online display Simani’s head almost entirely concealed by sores, his hair scarcely visible beneath the affliction, and his skin has adopted an eerie, snow-white hue.

Those who have ventured near Simani recount an overwhelming, foul odor that clings to the air around him, rendering it nearly impossible to remain in his vicinity. Simani, grappling with his deteriorating condition, is convinced that his plight transcends mere physical illness, pointing to a supernatural origin. He attributes his suffering to the consequences of his liaisons with five married women.

Simani suspects that the affliction is the result of retaliatory juju, cast by a vengeful husband among his romantic conquests. The question of whether Simani has pursued medical treatment for his condition remains a mystery, as he firmly believes in the spiritual nature of his disease.

This incident has sparked widespread speculation, with many suggesting that Simani may have unwittingly become entangled with a woman whose spouse sought to enforce her fidelity through traditional African magic. Such practices, while deeply rooted in Zimbabwean culture, highlight the profound and sometimes perilous intersections of love, betrayal, and the unseen forces believed to govern fate.

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