PDP Dekina LG Grieves the Loss of Political Icon, Chief (Arc) Gabriel Yakubu Aduku

by Ohepo Ohepo

PDP Dekina LG Laments the Death of Chief (Arc) Gabriel Yakubu Aduku, a Political Icon

A massive tree fell in the center of our country and the PDP party, creating a glaring hole in the forest of our shared history and goals. With his feet firmly planted in the rich soil of the Igala kingdom, Chief (Arc) Gabriel Yakubu Aduku has set out on a voyage that will last forever.

His passing is not just a loss but also an era that ends a chapter full of wisdom, leadership, and unshakable dedication to the advancement of the Igala people and beyond.

Chief Aduku was a shining example of wise guidance and leadership; his passing on November 11 is particularly relevant in light of the recent Kogi election season.

Chief Aduku served as a lighthouse during a time when the Igala nation needed direction, clarity, and vision. He led the country with dignity and wisdom through difficult political waters.

His impact was felt not just inside our community but also throughout Nigeria and the North, especially in the hallways of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), which he had previously presided over with distinction.

Chief Aduku’s influence goes beyond his abilities in politics and leadership; he was a trailblazer in the esteemed field of architecture, where his originality, accuracy, and forward-thinking concepts will continue to motivate coming generations.

The people of the Igala Kingdom, as well as everyone who had the honor of knowing him, will sincerely miss his presence, direction, and the fatherly wisdom he freely gave.

As a former minister of the federal republic and member of the PDP, we offer our deepest sympathies to his grieving family, friends, and the whole Igala people during this terrible time of loss.

We lament the passing of a pioneer, a mentor, and a patriarch whose life served as an example of the grandeur that can be achieved by committed people.

The imprint of Chief Aduku on the modern landscape is irreversible; he blazed a trail of honesty, distinction, and unwavering dedication to the betterment of society.

In addition to mourning his passing, we are also grateful for the enormous legacy he has left behind. This legacy will go on for a very long time, encouraging and directing coming generations to pursue the Igala Agenda and the larger goal of a united and prosperous Nigeria.

May his spirit continue to watch over us as we work to uphold the values he lived by, and may his soul rest in peace in the arms of our ancestors.

As a memorial and with sincere condolences,

The PDP Dekina LG Executives, on behalf of

Signed: Acting Chairman of the Division!
Omata Kebiru, Prince.

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