Breaking News: Violent Clash Between SDP and APC Thugs Near St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Anyigba, Kogi State

by J.J Olawuyi

October 19, 2023

In a distressing turn of events, reports have emerged of a violent clash between supporters of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) near St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Anyigba, Kogi State. This incident unfolds just weeks before the highly anticipated 2023 Kogi State governorship elections.

Murtala Yakubu, the governorship candidate of the SDP, and Usman Ododo, the governorship candidate of the APC, have been at the forefront of this intense political rivalry. The ongoing feud between their respective party’s supporters has taken a tragic and deadly turn.

Months of escalating tensions have led to a situation where thugs from both parties are engaged in violent confrontations, resulting in the loss of over 10 young lives, all hailing from the Igala extraction.

Security forces and law enforcement agencies have been alerted to the situation and are taking measures to restore peace and ensure the safety of citizens in the area.

The Kogi State governorship elections, scheduled for 11th November 2023, now carry an even heavier cloud of concern, with the safety of the electorate and the overall stability of the region in question.

As the situation continues to develop, stay tuned for further updates on this deeply concerning situation unfolding in Anyigba, Kogi State. Our thoughts and condolences go out to the families affected by this tragedy, and we implore all parties involved to seek peaceful and lawful means of resolving their differences as the nation approaches the crucial electoral process.

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