100 Days In Office: Hon. Honourious Arome Lauds Gov. Ododo’s Efforts, Promises Support

by Ohepo Ohepo

Governor Usman Ododo of Kogi State has been commended for his impactful start in office as he marks his first 100 days as governor. Speaking at a gathering to celebrate the milestone, Hon. Honourious Arome extolled Governor Ododo for his consistency in the prompt payment of salaries at both the state and local government levels, a move that has significantly boosted morale among public servants in the region.

Hon. Arome also addressed political dynamics within the state, urging Governor Ododo to remain focused and not be swayed by the criticisms from former appointees who have aligned with the opposition. These appointees, once associated with former Governor Yahaya Bello, have been vocal against the current administration, posing challenges to the governance continuity.

In addition to administrative efficiency, Hon. Arome praised Governor Ododo for promoting human capital development and fostering unity among the diverse ethnic groups within Kogi State. According to him, these efforts have contributed to a more harmonious coexistence, enhancing the state’s social fabric.

The commendation extended to the allocation of significant political positions as a token of appreciation and strategic governance. Hon. Arome expressed gratitude on behalf of the Ibaji community for the appointment of Hon. Comfort Nwochiola as the deputy speaker. He highlighted that the Ibaji people are particularly thankful for this representation and vowed continued support for Governor Ododo’s administration.

Hon. Nwochiola was also recognized for her dedication to enhancing the quality of life for her constituents through focused human capital development initiatives and her role in ensuring that the dividends of democracy reach the people of Ibaji.

In his closing remarks, Hon. Arome reiterated his support for Governor Ododo and congratulated him on his achievements during the first 100 days in office. He expressed optimism for the future, committing to collaborate closely with the governor to advance development and prosperity across Kogi State.

Governor Ododo’s administration continues to receive broad support as it strives to implement its agenda of growth, development, and equitable governance in the coming days.

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