Ohinoyi’s Demise: Admiral Usman Jibrin Expresses Profound Condolences to Kogi State Government and the Global Ebira Community

by J.J Olawuyi

Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria – Admiral Usman Jibrin, the distinguished Governorship candidate of the Accord Party, deeply mourns the loss of the revered Paramount Ruler of Ebira Land, the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, Alhaji Dr Ado Ibrahim, who passed away at the age of 95. The late Ohinoyi was a pillar of wisdom and leadership within the Ebira community and leaves an indelible legacy that will forever be cherished.


Admiral Usman Jibrin, known for his commitment to the betterment of Kogi State and its people, extends his heartfelt condolences to the Kogi State Government and the entire Ebira community worldwide during this moment of grief. The loss of Alhaji Dr Ado Ibrahim is not only a loss to Ebira Land but a profound loss to the entire Kogi State.


In his message, Admiral Usman Jibrin said, “We have lost a distinguished leader and an icon of unity in Alhaji Dr Ado Ibrahim. His reign as the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland was marked by wisdom, compassion, and a strong sense of duty to his people. We share in the sorrow of the Ebira community, and our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time.”


The Admiral went on to say, “I call upon the Kogi State Government to continue to support and console the Ebira people during their bereavement. We must all come together to honor the memory of Alhaji Dr Ado Ibrahim and carry forward the legacy of unity and progress that he championed.”


As Kogi State faces this somber moment, Admiral Usman Jibrin stands with the people of Ebira Land, offering his deepest sympathies and solidarity. The Accord Party Governorship candidate believes that it is in times of adversity that communities are strengthened, and he remains committed to the well-being and development of Kogi State.


For further information or media inquiries, please contact e.iyede@jibrinusmanofficial.org

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