Honour EFCC’s Invitation While You Still Have The Chance – Natasha Advices Yahaya Bello

by Ohepo Ohepo

Senator Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan, representing Kogi Central senatorial district, has called on former Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello to comply with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s (EFCC) invitation concerning an alleged N80.2 billion fraud.

Senator Akpoti-Uduaghan praised the EFCC’s actions in pursuing charges against Bello for the alleged financial misconduct during his tenure as governor. She also expressed her approval of EFCC Chairman Ola Olukoyede’s decision to transfer ownership of 14 previously forfeited properties back to the government and people of Enugu State. This commendation was noted in a statement released by Arogbonlo Israel, Chief Press Secretary to Senator Akpoti-Uduaghan, last Friday.

However, the senator highlighted the necessity for the EFCC to broaden its investigations to include other corrupt officials, to prevent any perceptions of a targeted campaign against Bello.

She expressed astonishment at Bello’s rationale for not responding to the EFCC’s summons. According to EFCC Chairman Olukoyede, “I called Yahaya Bello, as a serving governor, to come to my office to clear himself. I shouldn’t have done that. But he said because a certain senator had planted over 100 journalists in my office, he would not come.”

Olukoyede further recounted that he offered Bello an alternative way to enter his office discreetly, stating, “I told him that he would be allowed to use my private gate to give him a cover, but he said my men should come to his village to interrogate him.”

Responding to these developments, Senator Akpoti-Uduaghan reminded Bello about the importance of abiding by the nation’s laws, especially given his past role as Kogi’s chief security officer. She stated, “I was surprised to hear that Yahaya Bello evaded the invitation from the EFCC, despite having served as Kogi’s former chief security officer.”

“As a former governor, he should understand the importance of respecting Nigeria’s laws and constitution,” she continued.

“It’s a well-known fact that ‘he who comes into equity must come with clean hands’. As such, I advise him to honour the invitation and clear his name while he still has the chance.”

“I’d also like to take this moment to appreciate the diligence of the EFCC in handling the case so far.”

“No Nigerian is above the law, and therefore the agency must see this case through to the end if they are to gain the trust of both Nigerians and the international community in the fight against corruption,” she concluded.

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