Mohbad’s Autopsy: Toxicology Results In, Analysis Underway

by Ohepo Ohepo

The toxicology test results for the late singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, have been received, marking a significant advancement in the investigation into his untimely death. The results, awaited with high anticipation, were necessary to understand the internal factors contributing to the singer’s demise.

State attorney Oluwaseun Akinde, during a session at the coroner’s court in Ikorodu district of Lagos State in November 2023, highlighted that the examination had to be conducted abroad due to unforeseen circumstances. “The laboratory initially designated for the test was destroyed during the #EndSARS protests, necessitating the sample to be sent overseas,” Akinde stated.

An official from the Lagos State Government, who preferred anonymity, informed that the results had not only returned to Nigeria but had also been forwarded to the police for further action. “We managed to get the results back sooner than the projected 10 weeks. Now, with the toxicology test completed and handed over to the police, the next steps involve charging individuals if necessary and advancing the case for prosecution,” the official mentioned.

The Lagos State Police Command confirmed the receipt of the toxicology report, which they admitted was challenging to decipher due to its complex medical terminology. A police source explained, “The report arrived on Monday, and due to its complexity, it has been sent to the pathologists for interpretation into layman’s terms.”

Once the pathologists provide a clearer interpretation of the findings, the police plan to make an official announcement through the office of the Public Relations Officer.

This development is closely monitored by fans and the public, who are eager for answers surrounding the circumstances of Mohbad’s death. The case continues to draw significant attention, underscoring the need for transparency and diligence in the ongoing investigation.

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