Muslim-Muslim Ticket Not the Answer to Nigeria’s Problems – Shariah Council

by Ohepo Ohepo

Sheikh Abdurrasheed Hadiytullah, the President of the Supreme Council for Shariah in Nigeria (SCSN), has declared that the Muslim-Muslim ticket of the Bola Tinubu-led administration does not ensure a resolution to the nation’s problems.

Hadiytullah declared, “The idea of a Muslim-Muslim ticket in our political life has been emphatically established,” during the SCSN’s annual Pre-Ramadan conference.

However, it goes without saying that the concept of a Muslim-Muslim agenda—which we support as the majority’s right in a democracy—is not a panacea for the numerous problems that confront our nation.

“It’s true that we are on the verge of existential difficulties, and solving them will take more than token efforts from all of us.”

Hadiytullah said, bemoaning the fact that Nigerians are “living in turbulent and unpredictable times characterized by mutual distrust, corruption, fear, insecurity, and despondency.”

Millions of our disgruntled young people face an unclear future and dwindling opportunities, he claims.

“How to effectively address these problems, inspire hope, and, with Allah’s assistance, turn our circumstances around to success, security, and prosperity is the greatest challenge that lies ahead of us.”

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