Hardship: Lady Commits Suicide After Husband Flees, Leaving Her and Kids

by Ohepo Ohepo

In the state of Enugu, an Unidentified Mother who had three small children reportedly killed herself.

It was reported that the woman’s husband had left her and their three children because of money troubles, and that she had then allegedly crashed into a moving car and died instantaneously.

More information revealed that the event took place in front of the Ogui Police Station in Enugu during the weekend.

The deceased, whose identity is yet unknown, was allegedly depressed, according to sources. She left her three small children at the police station, undressed, and dashed into a moving car, where she was crushed to death.

The oldest child claimed during questioning that their father “got lost.”

The Nation was informed by a police source that “she could not give any other information about their family, their town, or residential address.”

In the meantime, three siblings (under the age of seven) who lost their parents in strange ways will receive scholarships thanks to the sponsorship of Mrs. Nkechinyere Mbah, the wife of the governor of Enugu State.

When the governor’s wife unexpectedly visited the Ogui Police Station in Enugu, where the kids were being held by the police, she made the scholarship announcement.

After hearing the heartbreaking tale of the children’s mother’s death, Mrs. Mbah promised to look after the kids and provide them with education from nursery school through university.

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