Muslim-Muslim Ticket Has Failed Nigerians – Sharia Council

by J.J Olawuyi

AbdurRasheed Hadiyyatullah, the President of the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria (SCSN), expressed dissatisfaction with the impact of the Muslim-Muslim ticket that brought President Bola Tinubu to power in the last General Elections.

Speaking at a national conference organized by the council, Hadiyyatullah highlighted that despite widespread support for President Tinubu, Nigerians have not experienced positive changes in their lives since his assumption of power. The conference’s theme was “Matters Arising from 2023 Election and Associated Socio-Economic Challenges.”

Hadiyyatullah, while acknowledging the Sharia council’s support for the Muslim-Muslim ticket, emphasized the current challenges faced by Nigeria, including rising prices, currency scarcity, and escalating unemployment. He expressed disappointment, stating, “Nigerians are not enjoying the new government.

I don’t want to go personal, but the Sharia council helped the Muslim-Muslim ticket to be successful. We campaigned and supported this government until it came to being, but we are suffering. We are not making any progress.”

The cleric called on ministers who are not committed to working for the nation’s good to resign and make way for individuals genuinely dedicated to the country’s progress.

Former Governor of Zamfara State, Ahmed Sani Yerima, in contrast, urged Nigerians to support the present administration. Yerima commended President Tinubu’s democratic stance, citing a recent Supreme Court judgment as evidence of the President’s commitment to democratic principles.

He mentioned President Tinubu’s plans to reform the electoral system, emphasizing the role of the National Assembly in reviewing election processes.

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