100 Days in Office: Iyede Urges Gov. Usman Ododo to Fulfill Promises to Kogites

by Ohepo Ohepo

Dear Gov. Ododo,

Congratulations on your one hundred days in office, a milestone marked with hope and great expectations from the citizens of Kogi State. For many, the inauguration on January 27, 2023, represented a new era of development and wealth and served as a ray of optimism. But as your government progresses, public concern about the real effects on citizens’ daily lives is growing, especially in areas that are crucial and directly impact Kogites’ daily lives.

Under your direction, the development of infrastructure, a vital component of societal advancement, seems to be at a standstill as it were. All 20 Local Government Areas are severely lacking in pipe-borne water, depriving residents of the basic need for readily available, clean water. Moreover, there are still a lot of problems with the quality of the roadways, with many access routes in the state being in terrible shape, which prevents people from moving around and from engaging in commercial activity.

In addition, the healthcare system is still woefully underprepared, particularly at the primary level, and is unable to diagnose even common illnesses like typhoid and malaria. This shortcoming calls into question the efficacy of health policy implementation, in addition to endangering the health of our people.

Perhaps most distressingly, the security situation, particularly in Omala LGA, has deteriorated, causing unrest and insecurity among your constituents. Such conditions not only disrupt peace and order but also deter investments and threaten the socio-economic fabric of our beloved state.

Governor Ododo, the Kogites’ aspirations were stoked by your pledge to uphold and defend the people’s rights. You must now more than ever concentrate your energies and resources on taking care of these urgent problems. The benefits of democracy are gauged by promises kept and their influence on the general public, not by declarations made.

We implore you to focus on these important issues in order to stifle outside distractions and reignite the optimism that grew at the beginning of your administration. Kogi State’s future could be defined by your leadership, in addition to influencing its current state. It is an obligation that should not be disregarded.

Remember that Kogi State is waiting for your bold decisions with eager anticipation as your term comes to an end. Together, let’s build a prosperous and progressive legacy that lasts forever, ensuring that every citizen enjoys the true advantages of democracy. Instead of treading on the footsteps of your predecessor, I implore you to make a lasting impression on the annals of history by establishing yourself as the most kind and capable governor in our history.


Emmanuel Iyede
Principal Consultant
E & J Consults

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