How Mohbad’s Wife Cheated On Him With Another Marlian Signee, Dad Tells Court

by J.J Olawuyi

Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer Mohbad, provided a gripping testimony during a coroner’s inquest into the tragic passing of his son. The inquest, which commenced on October 13 at the Ikorodu magistrates’ court in Lagos, aimed to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s untimely death.

Born Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, Mohbad tragically passed away on September 12, with his funeral taking place the following day. Joseph Aloba’s testimony in the coroner’s court has unveiled several startling revelations.

Joseph Aloba disclosed that his son, Mohbad, had confided in him about suspicions of infidelity within his marriage. Mohbad alleged that his wife was involved with another signee of Marlian Records.

According to Joseph, he and his son had shared a home for 18 years, but he wasn’t aware of the exact location where Mohbad resided with Marley. The deceased left his father’s home when he reached the age of consent, opting to support Marley while embarking on his own musical career.

Joseph Aloba further revealed that he had seen his son just three days before the unfortunate incident. He shared that he had only seen pictures of his son’s casket.

The grieving father also informed the court that the deceased’s landed property was under the control of his mother-in-law. He claimed that Mohbad had frequently mentioned that his wife and her family held possession of some of his assets. Additionally, Joseph alleged that Mohbad’s wife had at times spiked his food with sleeping pills.

Joseph asserted, “I don’t trust his wife. My son told me she always put sleeping pills in his noodles and went to another room to sleep with another signee in the same house. Mohbad made efforts to reconcile me with his mother.”

Moreover, Joseph shared that the late Mohbad had purchased a car for him following a reconciliation with his mother.

At the outset of the proceedings, the coroner expressed condolences to Joseph Aloba for his son’s tragic demise and assured him that justice would be diligently pursued in the case.

It’s worth noting that on October 4, a Yaba magistrate’s court had remanded Naira Marley, Primeboy, and Sam Larry in police custody in connection with the death of Mohbad. The inquest continues to unravel the complex circumstances surrounding this untimely tragedy.

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