FHA MD Hon. Oyetunde Ojo Visits Chief of Defence Staff, Seeks Collaborations

by Ohepo Ohepo

The Chief of Defense Staff, General CG Musa, is visited by FHA MD Hon. Oyetunde Ojo as the organization looks to work with the military to house them.

On Thursday, March 21, the Managing Director and Chief Executive, Hon. Oyetunde Ojo, urged the Nigerian military and the Federal accommodation Authority to work together to provide suitable and sufficient accommodation for the military personnel.

During his courtesy visit to Gen. C. G. Musa, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Hon. Ojo made this gift. He also took the opportunity to apologize to the CDS for the tragic occurrence that claimed the lives of some troops in Delta State.

The MD addressed Gen. Musa and praised him for the important role the armed forces play in safeguarding the nation’s internal and exterior integrity. He also highlighted the sacrifices the military makes in this regard. He informed the CGS that the primary goal of the tour was to advocate for the provision of decent and reasonably priced housing for military people, given their vital role and the sacrifices they make.

The MD stated as follows: “we deem.Given the sacrifices made by the men and women of the Nigerian Armed Forces for this nation, you are deserving of more than simply a place to live—you should also be provided with high-quality, reasonably priced housing.

The MD observed that when the men realized that their families would be covered in the event of retirement or accidents, they would have more confidence. According to him, this is the rationale behind the Authority’s decision to look for an offtake relationship with the Armed Forces.

Because the homes that will be constructed are intended for individual usage, Hon. Ojo emphasized the necessity for profiled off takers. “Sir, as we begin construction, we will not be giving that to goats and animals, but rather to people like you and me,” he stated. Because of the crucial role you play, we have determined that the Nigerian Armed Forces will be our first choice when it comes to hiring for our administration.”

Hon. Ojo briefed the CGS on the many housing styles and delivery methods that the Authority has implemented to meet the needs of Nigerians from every class and cadre. He mentioned models like the carcass, where the top officers could choose the finished ones, while the junior and younger officers would target the one bedroom and studio layouts where the outside, wiring, and plumbing would be completed.

The CGS, Gen. CG Musa, emphasized in his response the significance of housing for men serving in the armed forces due to the mobile nature of their work, particularly after retirement.

He praised the management’s economical strategy and demanded that, in the case of Mass Housing, quality be given more weight. Additionally, he indicated interest in the development of expansive estates with amenities like training areas and recreation centers where staff members could decompress and train.

The head of the Army stated that in order to make this admirable plan a reality, the military engineers would need to communicate with FHA.
In his contribution, the Chief of Logistics praised the proposal as a chance the military has been eager to seize. Although he acknowledged the existence of other government programs, he said that personnel had difficulty accessing them.

So he contacted to find out when the plan would expire. In addition, he was curious about the different payment options and the availability of mortgage financing. In the end, he tried to find out if there was any chance of creating a military complex for the residents of FHA estates.

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