FHA Managing Director Commences Tour of Northern States

by Ohepo Ohepo

Niger State Governor Umar Bago Assures the Authority of Free Land.

The Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, and CEO of the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) extended his tour of the States by visiting Governor Umar Bago in Niger State, the first stop on his journey.

Beginning on Wednesday, the visit emphasized how important it is for the state to support President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Renewed Hope goal and to seek land from the governor in order to build affordable housing that is in keeping with the goal.

State governors are in a better position to know the kinds, designs, and models of houses for their citizens, so the Managing Director who briefed the governor on the matter advised them to consult with one another as state guardians of land and to seek collaboration and synergy in this regard.

Ojo claims, “Our goal is to collaborate and create synergies with the Niger State government in the domain of housing provision.”We need to communicate in order to get input on the kinds of housing your people require in addition to requesting land on which to build them.”

The FHA top shot emphasized the need of government support, pointing out that state governments are better positioned to identify potential off takers because they are closer to the populace.

He said, “You know the people, you will give their records for profiling as off takers” .

continuing, “We have a scheme in FHA, and with your guarantee , they can pay us instrumentally.”

According to Ojo, the choice to support the end users-driven strategy and the requirement that they assume complete responsibility and ownership of projects that are completed on their behalf is what prompted the state government’s consultation. “We don’t intend to embark on a project that will be abandoned along the line, because it doesn’t meet the need of the people.”

He praised the governor for his enormous achievements in agriculture, but added that the value chains of housing and agriculture together will significantly stimulate the creation of both direct and indirect jobs for the state’s residents.

Ojo pledged to implement a diaspora city policy, which FHA has taken into consideration for the delivery method the Authority would use. This is because it is necessary to provide for the diasporians and shield them from fraud.

He pointed out that the diaspora may deal from anywhere with ease and keep track of their investments and transactions thanks to the FHA’s digitization of land procedure.

He declared that in order to cater to young people just starting out in life, the authority will build a large number of studio and one-bedroom flats.

In order to cut expenses, he also discussed the delivery of “carcas,” which are spaces where plumbing, electricity, and external work will be installed and supplied. This allows the allottees to add finishing touches to their liking.

In response, Niger State Governor Umar Bago called the visit appropriate, pointing out that the state will need many houses to complete its agricultural projects that the government has initiated. He specifically mentioned the state’s upcoming farm estates, which will need many houses to house farmers, relocate residents who are at risk from the Kainji Dam overflow, resolve housing crises for herders, and house residents from agro processing zones. As a result, it is important to work with FHA to provide the houses that the state needs.

Bago, who committed to working with FHA and offering free land in any section of the state.

Governor Bago said it like way: “We will work with you for free. We can provide you land anyplace you like; all you need to do is submit your drawings.”

Relevant authorities have been instructed to collaborate with you; it’s time to put an end to our bluster. He said, “Let our legal team sign the MOU.”

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