Fear Envelops Citizens As Terrorists Attack Army Personnel On Peace Mission In Nasarawa

by Ohepo Ohepo

The Katapka community in the Toto Local Government Area of Nasarawa State is currently enveloped in fear due to the reported deaths of three Nigerian Army personnel and two vigilantes. The fatalities occurred during a bandit attack on the LGA this past Tuesday.

On February 1, 2024, unknown assailants had killed three individuals and caused extensive property damage in both the Katapka and Okudu communities, leading to the deployment of Nigerian Army forces to restore order.

Reports indicate that as the military personnel were working to reestablish peace, they were ambushed by bandits on Tuesday afternoon, resulting in the deaths of three soldiers and two vigilantes.

In a telephone conversation with our correspondent in Lafia on Wednesday, the Chairman of Toto LGA, Abdullahi Aliyu-Tashas, labeled the soldiers’ deaths as regrettable.

He explained, “The assailants ambushed the military patrol team assigned to enforce law and order in the region, resulting in three fatalities.

“After recent assaults on Katakpa, soldiers were sent there to secure the area, but they fell into a trap and were killed on Tuesday afternoon.”

Aliyu-Tashas also mentioned that the state government has taken charge of the situation and is working on it. Additional security forces have been sent to the community to prevent any further disturbances.

In the meantime, the Bassa Cultural Development Union, representing an ethnic group from the area, has urgently requested that Nasarawa State Governor Abdullahi Sule identify and apprehend the culprits of the Katakpa community attacks in the Umaisha District of Toto LGA, which have led to the recent deaths.

This appeal was made in a statement by the group’s chairman, Emmanuel Gbaji, on Wednesday.

The statement expressed the community’s shock and grief over the incidents, stating, “Following the shock of the Okudu village assault, we were devastated to learn about the attack on Katapka village, which resulted in three deaths and significant property damage.

“We urge His Excellency, Governor A.A. Sule, to actively pursue and capture those responsible for these violent acts to restore peace in the Toto Local Government Area.

“Our deepest sympathies go out to the victims’ families and relatives. We pray for strength during this difficult time and for divine comfort for all affected by these tragedies.”

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