AFCON: My Girlfriend, Amapiano, & Football: Naija Took Everything Away From Us – South African Man

by Ohepo Ohepo

A South African individual expressed his dismay on platform X following his nation’s defeat by Nigeria in the AFCON semi-final match.

In the aftermath of the game on Wednesday, Feb. 7, South Africans flocked to the social media platform X and engaged in X Spaces to discuss the outcome of the match.

During the conversation, one South African shared his deep frustration about South Africa’s loss.

He remarked: “I’m heartbroken because we had our moments. Honestly, we could have clinched the victory. It seemed like Nigeria got lucky. Our execution was lacking, truly.

“This match meant a lot to me because a Nigerian man stole my girlfriend, and now, he has also stolen my happiness. I’m left with nothing. Amanpiano now seems to belong to Nigeria as do all the women. They’ve taken everything from us. We, South Africans, are left bare, with nothing in our hands,” he concluded, his voice breaking into tears.

The conversation concludes with the sound of him crying.

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