6 Killed In A Reprisal Attack As Local Vigilantes Avenge Leader Killed By Fulanis In Sokoto

by Ohepo Ohepo

In a tragic outbreak of violence in Sokoto State, northwest Nigeria, six individuals were killed following a revenge attack by local vigilantes on the Fulani community. This violent retaliation occurred after the murder of the vigilante group’s leader, Alhaji Dahiru Gidan Hashimu, in the Gada Local Government Area.

Daily Trust reports that the incident unfolded at the Kasuwan Kara (cattle market), where Hashimu, who led the vigilante group known as Yan Sakai, confronted a suspected terrorist. During the encounter, the suspect reportedly resisted arrest and fatally stabbed Hashimu.

The killing of the vigilante leader sparked immediate backlash from his colleagues, who mobilized and attacked the cattle market, targeting Fulani individuals. “When the news about his death reached his colleagues, they mobilized and stormed the market, killing any Fulani man on sight,” Mustapha Gada, a local source, told Daily Trust. He added that approximately eight bodies were later taken to the mortuary.

The situation escalated further when around 100 Yan Sakai vigilantes attempted to set fire to the local police station, where several Fulanis had sought refuge. The quick response of security forces, including soldiers who surrounded the station, prevented further loss of life and property damage. Despite this intervention, the vigilantes reportedly destroyed all Fulani settlements in the vicinity.

The Sokoto State Police Command, through its spokesman ASP Ahmed Rufa’i, confirmed the death toll and stated that investigations are ongoing. “We are still investigating to unravel the remote cause of the problems and bring those behind it to book,” Rufa’i said.

This incident highlights the ongoing tensions and the urgent need for effective conflict resolution mechanisms in the region to prevent further violence and loss of life.

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