Ward Consultations: Idah Residents Happily On Standby to Endorse Admiral Usman Jibrin’s Candidacy Today

Propelled by Prince Shaibu Audu's Ministerial Nomination From Idah Federal Constituency

by J.J Olawuyi

Idah, Kogi State – August 11, 2023


In an unexpected twist of political fervor, the idyllic town of Idah in Kogi State is poised on the precipice of endorsing Admiral Usman Jibrin as their favoured gubernatorial candidate. The buzz in the air is palpable, and residents are visibly eager to throw their weight behind the seasoned politician as he embarks on his dynamic ward-to-ward consultation tour.


The perplexing element of this burgeoning endorsement movement is tied to the recent nomination of Prince Shaibu Audu as a federal minister, hailing proudly from the very heart of Idah Federal Constituency. It appears that the audacious political trajectory of Prince Shaibu Audu has set the tone for a new era of ambition in the region. Hence the need for the governorship seat to come from Dekina or any other Federal constituency.


Admiral Usman Jibrin’s quest for the governorship of Kogi State has undoubtedly captured the attention of the residents. The man himself carries the air of a tenacious leader, navigating the political landscape with a burst of energy that is nothing short of infectious. His pledge to steer the state toward prosperity and innovation resonates strongly, and the citizens of Idah are more than willing to take this journey alongside him.


“Idah has always been a land of potential, and with the nomination of Prince Shaibu Audu, that potential has been magnified. Admiral Usman Jibrin’s presence in our town is like a breath of fresh air, a promise of progress,” remarked Ojonugwa Abalaka, a local entrepreneur who has been closely following the developments.


The curious amalgamation of these events has cultivated a sense of urgency in the town. People are on standby, eagerly awaiting the chance to vocally endorse Admiral Usman Jibrin’s candidacy. The streets are adorned with colourful banners and excited chatter, creating an atmosphere of both anticipation and celebration.


This political fervour is not just about endorsing a candidate; it’s about heralding a new dawn for Idah and its people. It’s about acknowledging the potential that lies within their grasp and embracing a future that is as promising as it is electrifying.


As the days countdown to Admiral Usman Jibrin’s visit, the town’s readiness to endorse his candidacy is undeniable. The burst of enthusiasm is infectious, reflecting the sentiment that their endorsement is more than just a political act—it’s a declaration of faith in a shared vision of progress, a vision catalyzed by Prince Shaibu Audu’s appointment as a federal minister.


With perplexity and a contagious bustiness, Idah stands on the cusp of a transformative moment, eagerly poised to endorse Admiral Usman Jibrin and embark on a journey toward a brighter future.

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