‘Wadata Plaza Will Go Down’, Reactions Follows Wike’s Demolition Threat

by J.J Olawuyi

The Federal Capital Territory’s (FCT) recently appointed Minister, Nyesom Wike, threatened to demolish residences erected unlawfully, prompting a range of responses.

In his inaugural speech at the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) office on Monday, the minister made the threat.

“Too awful too bad for all those folks who are distorting the Abuja master plan. It will go down if you are aware that you are erecting structures where they are not permitted, according to Wike.

If you know of anyone who has stolen the parks and green spaces and created restaurants, let me know. No, I won’t agree to that. Sorry if your father did it. Nothing I can do will help. It will diminish.

Additionally, he promised that undeveloped land sold to individuals will be revoked by the government.

Nigerians responded to Wike’s comments on X by expressing their thoughts, as many believe he will be cruel in running the FCT and won’t care whose ox gets gored.

Tweeting a video of the press conference, one Akin Akinwale, wrote, Wadata Plaza will go down.”

Wadata Plaza located at Wuse Zone 5 Abuja, is the headquarters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Emperor Wike is here. Abuja don receive visitor!” @ItsOladeni reacted.

@Ibrazeez1 said, “Wike is in town, everyone be it individual or company must sit up and do the right thing at the right time. Next press conference will be “all eyes on Judiciary” and 25% Abuja special citizens of Nigeria later.”

“To be honest, this na Wike third term,” @krisifesi wrote. “From Governor of Rivers State to Governor of FCT.”

Tweeting via @OneJoblessBoy, a social media user said, “If PDP doesn’t have C of O, they don’t have C of O”

Another user, @cbngov_akin1, said, “PDP Sec on my mind ????”

@MrOdanz said, “He knows how far he can reach and who he can reach.”

“This statement is very reckless,” @iamdamified wrote.

“Mr Negative is angry Wike is here????,” said @bigmainm.

@Robbin_Hood217 posted, “It will go down if it’s in the wrong place.”

Wike fell out with the PDP after he lost the presidential ticket of the party to former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar and was not considered at Atiku’s running mate.

Alongside, some key PDP figures, Wike worked against PDP interest in the election.

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