[Video] Peter Obi Joins Muslims For Iftar In Nasarawa State

by Ohepo Ohepo

The Labour Party presidential candidate in the last presidential election and a former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi broke fast with Muslims in Nassarawa State yesterday.

This he shared on his Facebook page.

He wrote:

Yesterday, I was opportuned to perform a sacred duty in line with the Ramadan season. I had the honour of travelling to Lafia in Nasarawa state, where I had the privilege of meeting with the Emir of Lafia, Honorable Justice Sidi Bage Muhammad JSC Rtd, a very revered, leader and also extended my courtesy to Governor Abdullahi Sule. This visit was more than a mere formality, it was a genuine expression of my deep respect and unwavering solidarity with the community.

The primary purpose of my visit was twofold: to immerse myself in learning about the experiences of our people, particularly during this special time of Ramadan, and to provide support to those facing hardships during these challenging times.

As part of my nationwide initiative to assist those in need, my visit to Lafia allowed me to offer aid to approximately 100 individuals and address a critical societal need by installing a borehole.

Thereafter my team and I had the opportunity of feeding and breaking the Ramadan fast of the day with around 1000 individuals at the Maraba-Nyanya International Market Central Mosque, symbolizing unity and cooperation during this auspicious season.

These visits are invaluable opportunities for me to gain insight into the realities faced by our people, many of whom are enduring monumental hardships at this very moment, and also to demonstrate the need for leaders to show responsibility and empathy for the people around them.

Leadership in our new nation must meet the people in their places of real need and experiences. -PO

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