[Video] Lagos State to Relocate Computer Village to Abule Egba

by Ohepo Ohepo

Lagos, Nigeria – The Lagos State Government has unveiled plans to move the famed Computer Village from its current Ikeja location to Abule Egba, a decision aimed at alleviating congestion and improving the market’s infrastructure. This announcement came during a press briefing held yesterday, signifying a major change for West Africa’s largest technology hub, which draws thousands of visitors each day.

Nestled in the heart of Ikeja, Computer Village is the epicenter of Nigeria’s tech market, offering a vast array of electronic gadgets and services. However, the area’s dense congestion has increasingly become a source of concern, prompting calls for a more spacious and accessible location. The government has identified Abule Egba as an ideal new home for the market, highlighting the area’s enhanced infrastructure and the opportunity for expansion to accommodate the market’s growth and evolving needs.

“In moving Computer Village to Abule Egba, we’re not just relocating a market; we’re transforming it to align with our vision of a structured, environmentally-friendly commercial landscape in Lagos,” stated a government spokesperson. “The new site will provide the market with the necessary infrastructure to thrive, including better traffic flow and more room for business activities, which are essential for its continued success.”

The Lagos State Government has committed to facilitating a smooth transition, promising to work closely with vendors and business owners through the relocation process. This includes providing logistical support and engaging the market community in planning efforts to ensure the move meets their needs.

The relocation announcement has elicited a variety of responses, with some praising the initiative as a forward-thinking approach to urban development, while others express apprehension about how the move might affect their businesses and daily routines. Despite these concerns, the government is moving forward with the plan, emphasizing the long-term economic and developmental benefits for the tech sector and the broader Lagos economy.

Preparations for the move are already underway, with the government pledging to collaborate with local leaders and market associations to ensure a smooth transition. This relocation marks a significant step in modernizing the commercial infrastructure of Lagos and promoting a more organized, sustainable approach to business in the city.


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