[Video] Abroad-based Nigerian Man Dies 2 Days After Visiting Village, He Was Bitten By A Strange Ant

by Ohepo Ohepo

It was shocking to learn that a Nigerian guy, who had only been to his village two days before to see his sick father, had died from an ant bite. After living overseas for 14 years, Desmond had come home to support his father during a difficult time.

Reports state that Desmond arrived excited to reunite with his family and childhood home, in good health and spirits. Tragic events, nonetheless, occurred when he complained one evening of an ant bite on his stomach. He had tragically died before morning from the consequences of the bite, shocking and disbelieving his loved ones.

Chiamaka Umeugoji (@ProserfinaTwitterHandle) shared her shock and grief over Desmond’s sudden passing in a poignant tweet. He was referred to as the “family pillar” by her, and she bemoaned the gap his loss has created.

“You spent 14 years of your life in the territory of the white man. You were the cornerstone of your family, making it big,” she stated. You made the decision to go see your ailing father in your own country. Desmond, you died in your father’s house after two days.”

Desmond’s family is now faced with the task of finishing the projects he left unfinished and tending to his ailing mother and father. The community has been shocked to learn of his passing, particularly on the eve of Easter Day, when they had planned to celebrate with him.”

“Aren’t I dreaming? It’s not true that you are no longer alive,” Chiamaka tweeted. “You pulled one over on us. I’m still in shock over the news. I wish I could speak with God directly.

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