Val: Lagos Ladies Groan As Cost Of Condoms Increases By 200%

by Ohepo Ohepo

‘Female condoms are available but more expensive than male condoms. Ten pieces of Fc2 vaginal condom go for over N4,200 now, before it was around N2,000’’.

In Lagos, the escalating costs of condoms have sparked concerns among the populace about the potential rise in unprotected sex and unintended pregnancies.

Interviews conducted with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) revealed these apprehensions on a recent Saturday. It’s understood that the effectiveness of condoms is judged based on their quality, durability, comfort, and protective capabilities, with brands like Durex, Fiesta, Kiss, Rough Rider, and Gold Circle being among the popular choices.

A review of several pharmacy prices indicated that condom costs have surged by 50 to 200 percent from the previous year, highlighting the need for affordable contraceptive options to safeguard sexual partners’ health, prevent STIs, and manage family planning effectively.

Felix Atuche, a local banker, mentioned that the price hike has led him to explore other contraceptive methods, despite potential risks.

“Being newly married and both of us pursuing our master’s degrees, postponing pregnancy is essential. I previously favored Durex Fetherlite Elite for its realistic sensation, which cost N1,900 but now sells for between N2,500 and N3,500. The rising prices have forced me to consider alternatives, causing my wife to hesitate about intimacy due to pregnancy fears,” he shared.

Entrepreneur Monisola Ajayi emphasized her vigilance in sexual health, especially after contracting STIs from her spouse. She relies on female condoms for protection, noting their higher cost compared to male versions.

“The price for a ten-pack of Fc2 vaginal condoms has jumped to over N4,200 from around N2,000. Without a condom, there’s no intimacy with my husband, especially given the economic hardships impacting our sexual health,” she explained.

Youth corps member Celestine Adesola highlighted that the rising condom prices are leaving many youths vulnerable to unsafe sex, thereby increasing the risk of STIs, including HIV.

“As we approach Valentine’s Day, it’s alarming to think of the risky behaviors many youths are planning. More awareness and free condom distribution are crucial to protect their health,” Adesola advised.

Pharmacist Michael Achoji attributes the price increase to inflation, higher production costs, and fluctuating exchange rates.

He calls on the government to focus on sexual and reproductive health with sustained efforts that ensure contraceptives’ accessibility and affordability.

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