[Video] I Once Felt An Erection When I Hugged My Dad – Broadcaster, Katherine Obiang

by Ohepo Ohepo

Actress and broadcaster Katherine Obiang revealed that she had experienced an erection after giving her father a morning hug.


After this incident, she stopped giving her father the hugs she used to give him and recognized that she needed to adjust the way she interacted with him.


While expressing her thoughts on the viral video featuring film director Kunle Afolayan dancing with his daughter, Eyiyemi, she revealed this on the Jasiri show.


Many people felt that the dance was too personal and unsuitable for a father and daughter after Eyiyemi shared a video of her dancing with her father on Instagram.


Katherine addressed the matter and said she didn’t like the dancing. Speaking from personal experience, Katherine underlined that these kinds of things may be the last of a father and daughter’s innocent exchanges.


“What would happen if he had an erection while dancing with his daughter in that manner?” she said. He is a male, after all, and that’s normal.

“When we were younger, we used to go to my dad’s room to play but in the morning when you want to hug your dad because you love how he smells, I felt an erection and I arranged myself and that was the last time because I realized at that point that playtime is over. I didn’t need to be schooled about that.”


See the video below.

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