US Election: I Prefer Biden To Trump – Putin

by Ohepo Ohepo

Vladimir Putin has expressed a preference for Joe Biden over Donald Trump for the U.S. presidency, citing Biden’s experience and predictability. In an interview with a Russian state journalist, Putin described Biden as a more seasoned and conventional politician, emphasizing his willingness to work with any U.S. leader chosen by the American people. This marks Putin’s first public commentary on the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, amidst Ukraine’s anticipation for a crucial U.S. aid package decision.

Putin also addressed concerns about Biden’s age and mental sharpness, recounting his own observations from a 2021 meeting where he found no evidence of incompetence. He humorously noted that both he and Biden relied on their notes during their discussion, suggesting there was nothing unusual about Biden’s behavior.

The Russian leader’s comments follow criticism from Biden towards Trump for allegedly appeasing Putin. Trump has stirred controversy by suggesting that Russia should invade countries failing to meet NATO obligations, a stance that has alarmed European leaders and critics who view Trump as overly sympathetic to Putin. Despite accusations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election to favor Trump, the former president has been advocating against a substantial military aid package for Ukraine approved by the Senate.

Conversely, Biden has consistently criticized Putin, even labeling him a “killer” prior to the Ukraine invasion. Under Biden’s administration, the U.S. has significantly supported Ukraine militarily. Putin labeled this assistance as detrimental and erroneously guided, while commending Trump for casting doubt on NATO’s future.

Putin’s apparent support for Biden, given his long-standing opposition to Putin’s actions, seems to aim at introducing further discord into the polarized U.S. electoral landscape. This lukewarm endorsement from Putin is unlikely to be warmly received by Biden’s team, considering Putin’s unfavorable standing in Western opinion.

Additionally, Putin critiqued his recent interview with Tucker Carlson, indicating dissatisfaction with the lack of challenging questions. This critique came after an encounter that neither resembled a serious dialogue nor a typical talk show, further highlighting Putin’s calculated engagement with the media and international political figures.

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