Terrorists Storm Katsina Mosque, Leaving Three Dead and Abducting Many

by Ohepo Ohepo

A violent spree by armed attackers, identified as bandits or terrorists, wreaked havoc in Katsina State, resulting in at least three fatalities and the abduction of multiple individuals. The incidents occurred on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, casting a shadow of terror over the region.

In a particularly distressing attack during the Ishai prayer on Wednesday night, the attackers indiscriminately fired upon Muslim worshippers, leading to the death of three individuals. According to a source who spoke to Vanguard, two victims were killed inside the mosque, while a third person was fatally shot outside as he attempted to flee the scene. Additionally, four others sustained injuries and are currently receiving medical treatment in Kankara.

The violence escalated as the attackers kidnapped a man and two women. The man, who resisted abduction, was brutally killed by the assailants for his defiance.

In a separate assault around 2:30 am on Thursday, the attackers targeted the home of Sani Maikifi, a member of the local vigilante group, in Ungwar Tudun Boka, Kankara township. Sani narrowly escaped death by fleeing through his backyard, but his wife and son were not as lucky and were kidnapped by the attackers. It was noted that the attackers had been monitoring Sani for some time and managed to infiltrate the community undetected.

A further attack occurred at around 11:30 PM on Thursday in Dangani, within the Musawa local government area. Armed individuals invaded the area, firing shots indiscriminately as they pursued a wealthy visitor from the south who was in the area to offer condolences to a bereaved family member. Although this particular target managed to evade capture, the attackers abducted numerous individuals from the vicinity.

These consecutive attacks underscore the escalating security challenges in Katsina state, highlighting the urgent need for effective measures to protect residents and combat the menace of banditry and terrorism in the region.

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