Tinubu’s Visit: UAE Lifts Travel Ban On Nigerian Travelers After Two Years

by Ohepo Ohepo

Nigerian visitors intending to enter the United Arab Emirates (UAE) no longer need a visa.

Following a two-year diplomatic spat, this occurs.

Visa services for Nigerians traveling to the UAE will resume on March 4, 2024, according to a statement titled “Joint Announcement by the Governments of Nigeria and the UAE: Resumption of Visa Services.”
According to the statement, “The resumption of visa services for Nigerian citizens wishing to visit the UAE, commencing on 4th March, 2024, is a pivotal development in our diplomatic relations. The announcement is made by the governments of Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates, represented by the UAE Embassy in Abuja.

This significant achievement highlights our shared commitment to bolstering relations, promoting cross-cultural interactions, and creating avenues for social and economic cooperation. It also represents the fruitful conclusion of extensive negotiations between our countries.

“This accomplishment is a major stride forward in our bilateral collaboration and comes after conversations between His Excellency President Bola Ahmed Tinubu of Nigeria and His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates.”

The statement claims that “the UAE has introduced an enhanced document verification process” to guarantee a smooth and effective visa application process.

It stated, “All Nigerian applicants for UAE visas must first get a Document Verification Number, effective March 4, 2024. Visit the specific online Document Verification Hub platform (official link: https://documentverificationhub.com) to finish this crucial step.

Saleem Saeed Al-Shamsi, the UAE’s ambassador to Nigeria, emphasized the significance of this revised process by saying, “We are committed to facilitating straightforward and expedited visa applications for Nigerians.” The purpose of implementing the Document Verification Number is to improve the fairness of our application procedure and guarantee that all applicants receive timely processing.

“Applicants can proceed with their visa applications through authorized travel agents after acquiring the Document Verification Number. The process will then be finished at the UAE Embassy in Abuja or Lagos. To ensure a seamless transfer to the new system, we urge all potential travelers to follow the instructions and start their applications as soon as possible.

“This announcement represents our continued efforts to strengthen the close ties that exist between Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates, thereby promoting the prosperity and well-being of our people.”


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