Tinubu Appointing Only Yoruba People, My Time Will Come – Adamu Garba

by Ohepo Ohepo

I’ve been inundated by calls and text messages, WhatsApp messages that Tinubu is only appointing Yoruba people, everything is Yoruba etc,

Another one is he’s only appointing sons and daughters of his friends like Bisi Akande, Ganduje, Abu Ibrahim etc, it has become a Padi Padi government bla bla bla.

Fact is, most of these people complaining, non of them contribute as half as I did for the campaign for President Tinubu. I used my personal resources, stake my integrity, made commitments to my followers,was called names, including brainless with many insulting memes, but i haven’t got any serious recognition. Am I complaining? NO. But why?

The truth is, Nigeria is united country with different sensitivities. Over time, the Presidency reflects mostly people from the region of the President. Check the Obasanjo regime, it was mostly his own people. Same complaints most people did today of Yorubanization was same during President Obasanjo.

Check Late President Yar’adua, it was same thing, Katsinawan Dikko all Over, even President Jonathan was accused of Ijaw domination. It was same during the last President Buhari, it was run like a northern affair.

You see, collectively we Nigerians supported and voted for President Tinubu, we must trust him to give us the best, and he cannot do so with multiple distractions. I am a realist. This Presidency is for the South West, let the South West do it’s Presidency in peace.

The sons and daughters he appointed, or the Yorubas he appointed, are they not all Nigerians? Haven’t they qualified? When they want to deliver their mandate, do they do for Nigeria or their people only? Can we help and track them to see if they are doing the right things? And if they failed, can we jointly commit to exposing their failures before the world to see?

As I said before, I am one of the most insulted person during the campaign for Tinubu’s Presidency, I fight on media and many places, against many people who today, suddenly changed themselves and start backing the President after he formed a government, I was regularly mocked by those in the opposition and even my family are questioning WHY, yet I don’t complain. And I still support the President 100%.

Some people said I’m too ambitious, that giving me some big appointment in the government may elevate me to do great things and move me toward my ambition to be the President one day, how naïveté?

So ambition na crime?

My ambition still remains very much alive. I’m not too ambitious to block other people’s ambitions but not less ambitious to kill my ambition. All I know the that everyone will run run and run, and will still eventually leave the road where others can continue to run over. If they are smart to fight me for my ambition, I’m smart enough to be patient. I’ll wait for my time.

I’ve faced worst under Buhari, where some people think that to only have a picture with the former President would make me a President, ahead of them. Where are they today? Is the government not over? I’m just 41 and I will wait for my time.

While I wait for my time, i know that now it’s President Tinubu’s time, and I want him to have his eight years in peace. Why don’t you support him, and if you must criticize, do so on the quality of his delivery and not his choices of appointments?

Granted, some appointments are painful, especially on those whom you know are from the opposition party, but then, what if it was done for the strategic interests of the President?

This country is ours, we don’t have any country to go to. It doesn’t belong to the North or the South or the East or the Wsst. It belongs to all of us. But is is turn by turn, and as God would have it, it is the turn of the West and the touch landed on Tinubu. Can you fight God’s will?

Let us United our forces in support of the government we work hard for and ensure the President succeed. His success is a collective success of all our country people

Allow President Tinubu to enjoy is full time jare.


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