They Looted My Warehouse – Abuja Businessman Cries Out

by Ohepo Ohepo

Businessman Murtala Ibrahim Gusau, of Abuja, has responded to the raid of his warehouse by alleged thugs in the Karmo neighborhood of Abuja.

According to information made available to journalists, thugs broke into a private warehouse in the capital city’s Karmo neighborhood and stole hundreds of bags of wheat and other goods.

According to Gusau, the thugs broke into his store, which is situated in the community’s Sabuwar-Unguwa district, at around nine in the morning.

He mentioned that while some of the thugs were from the neighborhood, others had come from Gwagwa town on motorcycles.

“I rushed to the Karmo Police Division as soon as I heard about the incident, only to discover that the police had left for Gwagwa, the scene of the initial incident,” Gusau stated.

“I received the same information about the market from the vigilante office. I returned to the market and extended an invitation to my fellow traders.

“When we got there, we saw that the young people had already begun robbing the food supplies. We tried to stop them, but they attacked us with the sticks and machetes they had with them. I was hurt in the attack, too,” he continued.

The trader revealed that approximately 711 bags of grains, 652 bags of beans, and 1,602 bags of sugar were taken, according to the breakdown of the looted goods.

Gusau did, however, add that he was able to retrieve some of the pilfered food supplies thanks to the assistance of the FCT Police Command and the Karmo police officers, who showed up about an hour later with other officers from the Life Camp division.

About 363 bags of rice, 475 bags of beans, and 1,255 bags of sugar were found by the police. We found them in a few homes as well as the vandal’s hiding place,” he remarked.

The merchant disclosed that the food supplies were intended for Ramadan parcels intended for the underprivileged.

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