Terrorists Kidnap Over 80 In Katsina 24 Hours After Deadly Attack On A Military Camp

by Ohepo Ohepo

Terror struck Yar-Malamai village in Katsina State once again as armed assailants kidnapped over 80 individuals, marking a grim escalation in the region’s security crisis. The abduction occurred barely a day after a deadly assault on a military camp in the area resulted in casualties among soldiers.

According to a resident who spoke to our correspondent, the attackers descended on the village, unleashing terror for approximately 10 hours. In a spree of violence, they looted shops, set houses ablaze, and seized numerous residents before vanishing into the darkness.

A local political figure, speaking on condition of anonymity, corroborated the harrowing ordeal, lamenting the community’s desolation in the wake of incessant attacks. He revealed that only a handful of structures remained intact in Yar-Malamai, emphasizing the urgent need for humanitarian assistance to address the displaced residents’ dire situation.

The aftermath of the assault underscores the pervasive fear and vulnerability gripping the region, with the residents pleading for the swift return of security forces to safeguard their lives and property. Despite the gravity of the situation, official statements from government authorities or the military were conspicuously absent at the time of reporting.

Meanwhile, the military high command confirmed a separate incident in Faskari LGA, where four soldiers attached to Operation Hadarin Daji were killed in action during encounters with insurgents. Clarifying earlier reports, Major-General Edward Buba disclosed that the casualties occurred during two separate ambushes, with additional soldiers sustaining minor injuries.

Despite these setbacks, Major-General Buba asserted the military’s resolve to confront the terrorist threat, highlighting ongoing efforts to adapt strategies and maintain tactical superiority on the battlefield. While the challenges persist, he expressed confidence in the joint operations and emphasized the commitment to overcoming the insurgency.

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