Terrorists Block Gusau-Sokoto Highway, Kidnap 26 Travellers

by Ohepo Ohepo

On Tuesday, a group of armed individuals, commonly referred to as bandits in the local vernacular, hijacked a major road in Nigeria’s North-West region, the Gusau-Sokoto highway, taking 26 people hostage.

A local from a nearby community confirmed the incident during an interview with reporters.

The attack occurred near the village of Kwaren Kirya, located within the Maru Local Government Area of Zamfara State. The assailants intercepted a Toyota 18-seater bus and a Volkswagen Golf, kidnapping everyone aboard.

Speaking to the media, a witness reported that just half an hour prior, the bandits had again obstructed a different section of the road, commandeering another bus and a Golf. The frequency of these roadblocks by the bandits has become a major concern, according to the witness.

The same individual also expressed worries about Balge, a village along the same highway, suggesting it serves as a haven for suspected bandits.

He appealed to the government for the establishment of security outposts in the region to keep an eye on the activities of these criminals.

He mentioned, “When you pass Kwaren Kirya, there’s a village named Balge, where it’s believed that around 80% of the residents are bandits.”

He added, “They were once expelled, but many returned. It’s crucial for the government to intervene and deploy military forces in the vicinity.”

As of now, the local police have not provided any statements regarding this recent kidnapping event.

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