State Police: Memoranda Submission By Govs A Waste Of Time – Makinde

by Ohepo Ohepo

The governor of Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Makinde, has called the state governors’ memoranda for the state police submissions a time waster.

In an appearance with Politics Today on Channels TV, Governor Makinde criticized the 16 governors for not submitting a report to the National Economic Council (NEC) on the subject.

LEADERSHIP notes that the NEC has confirmed that it has received memoranda endorsing the creation of state police from sixteen governors.

The state police would handle the numerous security issues the country faces, according to the governors.

To allow the NEC to take action on the findings, 20 other governors had not yet forwarded theirs.

Governor Makinde responded quickly, stating that the memo on State Police was a waste of time and that he had not submitted any.

“I didn’t provide the state police any memos. However, I’m pretty clear about where I stand on state police. To be honest, I think it’s a waste of our time.

“I didn’t give up, not out of conceit, but because I don’t think this strategy will get us to our destination very soon. You are requesting memos from the states outlining the operations of the state police,” Makinde stated.

The National Assembly, not the National Security Adviser or the National Economic Council, should be in charge of handling the state police issue, according to the governor of Oyo State.

He contended that as it is a constitutional subject, the issue must be approved by the parliament before being repeated in the state houses of assembly.

“The National Assembly, they know what to do,” declared the governor. They have workers who can complete this task promptly. The matter of state police will not be addressed by the National Economic Council or the National Security Adviser.

It belongs in the National Assembly since it is a constitutional matter. The state houses of assembly are then tasked with passing this legislation at the state level, according to Makinde.

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